What type of Medium am I?

I’m an Evidential Medium, and Medical Medium.  I offer Spiritual readings, connecting people in this world to those who have crossed over into the next world. In addition to Spiritual readings, I work in missing persons cases, unsolved homicide, and medical mysteries. I have helped in locating missing people both deceased and alive, and have found confirmed illnesses and ailments in many, all confirmed by medical doctors.

During a reading many things can come though, beyond what you may be expecting or hoping for.  You may be looking to connect with one person, yet more than one person comes through to speak to you. This is frequently the case, as there are people in the next world who may be watching over you, that you wouldn't expect to be there. You will receive evidence from them of who they are, what they look like, possibly how they passed, and evidence of their continued existence in your life.  Things that I could not know without talking with them.

I go into Spiritual readings differently then I go into medical readings. It's a very different process for me. 

When I go into a spiritual reading, I am calling in your loved ones who have crossed over. I am being shown things on the outside, or in front of you. If that makes sense. I'm focusing outward on them.  If there's a pressing medical issue or concern for you, it very well may come through during a spiritual reading, by a loved one. But it will not be as thorough, detailed, or in depth as a medical reading. 

A medical reading is focused inward. It’s a quiet process. I work with 5 doctors in the next world, who help me navigate through your body, stopping at points of past, present and future trauma, where they then will explain, and show me what has gone on, and I will translate it to you, where you will then confirm.

After all information is given, it's put together like a puzzle, and they will give you their advice and recommendations on where to go from there. 

A medical reading can provide in depth information that can potentially save a life, or at minimum offer someone a better quality of life. Knowledge is power.

(Though I have extremely high accuracy,  I am not a medical doctor,  nor do I have a medical degree, so I encourage all medical findings in your reading, be followed up and discussed with a medical doctor.)

How does it work?

People often ask how this works.  

"Should I tell you who I want to contact?  Is it okay for me to talk?" 

It's simple actually.  Remember the signs at the zoo that read "Don't feed the animals"?  This is sort of the same.  DON'T FEED THE MEDIUM.  I ask that you please refrain from telling me anything, yet keep an open heart and mind.  DON'T BLOCK.  Do not block your energy, or intention.  Make your intentions clear.  In fact, you can help prepare for a session by reaching out to those you would like to connect with in advance.  Simply... talk to them prior so our session.  Ask them to please join us, and give them permission to speak clearly, with no reservation, through me, to you.  Let them know when it will be.  Keep them in mind prior to your reading.  If you have walls up, are not sure if you are ready to hear what may come through, or you are untrusting, it may take longer to connect.  


Will this stay between us?

What is said in the circle, stays in the circle.  I like to call this my "Spiritual HIPAA Law".  Just like when you speak with a doctor, and you sign all of those documents, stating that you understand your rights as a patient, that they wont share your information... neither will I.  In fact, often times, I wont remember much of what's said in a reading after the session.   This isn't because I don't care.  It's simply because, when I am reaching, and in connection with spirit, the messages are coming directly from God and Spirit, they are meant for you, not for me. 


How much does it cost?

$420 for an in-person reading, or $395 for a phone reading.  In some cases, readings may go over.  If you are not comfortable paying for additional time, please let me know that in advance.  This is recommended for those looking to connect on a very intimate, and personal level with those who have crossed over.  It will just be you, me, God, and Spirit.  You do not need to be sitting face to face with me to receive the same messages through Spirit.  It is truly a matter of preference.  I conduct readings by phone both nationally and internationally with incredible accuracy.

$420 for an in-person Medical Reading, or $395 for a medical reading by phone. The same information will come through over the phone as it does in person. (As stated above, I encourage all findings to be followed up with a medical doctor) 

I also offer family readings, up to 12 family members at $320 per individual if related, with whom are looking to connect with the same person/people.  All must be directly related, so that unrelated energy won't effect the clarity of the connection.  You will want to allow 2 hours for a family reading.  Often times, after the loss of a family member, a void remains.  Perhaps there are unanswered questions, or a looming feeling that the family is now broken.  Grief is very individualized, and personal.  Family readings not only allow for an opportunity to connect with your loved one, or loved ones who have crossed over, but also to connect with one another again, in support and healing.  I like to keep family readings relatively small in number for these reasons.  

If you are interested in hiring me for a group reading, I offer those as well.  There is a  minimum requirement of 10 people, and a maximum of 20, at $200 per individual.  You will want to allow 3 hours for a group reading, and there is no guarantee that everyone will receive messages within that time frame. 


PUBLIC EVENTS - There will be tickets available for larger group events at $100 per person.  There is no guaranty that you will receive individual attention, or direct messages in a large event setting. 

I DO TRAVEL near and far.  Close to home, within a 50 mile radius.  I charge $1.00 per mile too and from location.  Additional traveling fees and expenses for further distances.