I had received a reading from Carolyn because of my fathers passing almost three years ago from cancer. She immediately sensed his presence over the phone. She said things about my personal life that even my husband didn’t know about. She was dead on about what happened with my life and what I had gone through. It helped me understand what happened, which gave me closure, and helped me move on. I was extremely impressed on how accurate she was, and the fact that she knew about how my father was in life, which she never could have known about him. Carolyn was amazing and I would recommend anyone who has lost a loved one to talk with her, and she will give you the closure you need.
— Felicia Beaty, Coton, OR
Carolyn is awesome! I came to her with a heavy load on things that I wasn’t sure how to deal with. My mom is my strongest ally, and she came through to guide me and answer a question that had laid heavy on my heart for years. Carolyn was able to guide me in a positive direction to solution. I would definitely rely on her for future references.
— Patricia Cohen, Gulfport, MS
Astounding... Carolyn was amazingly dead-on!! I went into this experience without expectations & was left with eyes wide open to a new perspective to our next world. She brought out a deep secret that I have stuffed for 30 yrs - no one knew this intense anchor I was carrying - so this alone confirmed her as a legit medium. Her calm approach settled my tears enough to be magnetized to hear more. Carolyn’s softness to tender memories left me with inspired clarity that we will definitely be reunited with loved ones who left us too soon. If you are wondering if she will settle your anticipation, SHE WILL!! Go for it. It’ll be the most accurate investment you will ever risk taking :)
— Teresa Schultz, Racine, WI
Carolyn gives you undeniable proof that your loved ones are in fact with you, love you, and help guide you on your path. My experience with her is always amazing. She talks directly with spirit and always gives their message to you with compassion and love. She truly has a gift and it’s very clear that she is special. She has a purpose and it’s to give people hope, closure, and evidence that there is so much more to look forward to than we could ever dream of... I am so blessed to have her in my life.

Carolyn is amazing! I had a traumatic accident a year and a half ago. I was traumatized physically and spiritually. Carolyn has given me readings in the past and I have had family who have passed over come through. She gave me evidence of them being ok and that they are with me!

When we got together a couple of weeks ago, she started to give me a reading but it turned into so much more... She did a soul retrieval for me! A part of me was lost and sill “at” the dramatic incident that I had. She was able to, through God, Spirit, and Angels, help me not have a part of myself “lost”. It was so very beautiful and very dramatic! The change that I have had in my life since then is incredible!!! She truly has a gift from God! I will ALWAYS be grateful for her and for what she has done for me!
— Jill Hawkins, Racine, WI

If you are reading the testimonial page there may be doubts on why you want to see Carolyn. I too had my doubts, and read this page to see what others had to say.

I am writing this to the person who is searching for a loved one, or looking for answers from a medical medium. My personal experience may help you.

I heard about Carolyn by a professional who has been doing my hair for several years. At the beginning of this particular hair appointment, I was quiet, and later went on to explain that I was not in the mood for small talk. My stylist has a pleasant, outgoing personality, and persists on carrying on conversations while she works. During my appointment, she was carrying on about her young son, and how great it was to take him to the park to watch him play. Her short stories brought me to tears, and I proceeded to share with her that I recently lost my son, which was why I did not want the small talk.

This sweet girl went quickly and gave me Carolyn’s phone number and website address, saying that she felt compelled to give me her information.

I called Carolyn to find out if she was for real prior to setting up an appointment. We talked for quite some time without me giving her any information about myself, or the purpose of my call. Throughout the screening process, she had stated that a young man was coming through during our conversation. I was curious not convinced, to be honest, I was somewhat skeptical, but open minded at the same time. I knew that if there was a chance to hear from my son one last time, I was going. I set up an appointment for both my husband and myself to meet with Carolyn.

I requested preparation information for the session and followed these recommendations. In going through this process, I was careful not to provide details of who we were looking for, or what we hoped for out of this meeting.

Carolyn came to the meeting and was overwhelmed with our sadness. She proceeded to explain to us that we had lost our son, and he came to her that morning and was present at the meeting.

She continued with a very detailed account of how my son passed, special family moments we shared, vacations we took together, and small things too, such as a cigarette burn in the carpet in his bedroom.

We left with a different sense of comfort we were unable to achieve through various types of counseling see ions.

Shortly after our session, my mother-in-law suffered a TIA (short for mimi-stroke). Her doctor suspected a mini-stroke and sent her for several tests. I gifted a session to her with Carolyn, explaining that we needed a medical intuit session to find out what was going on, and what to ask the doctors.

Through this session, Carolyn worked through God and the Holy Spirit, and all of the finding were accurate, down to the medications that required adjustments. Additional findings were identified in this session, that were also later confirmed by doctors as well.

We are grateful we went to our session and kept an open mind. We left our meetings with a calm that I believe is coming from God, and the feeling of my son’s spirit with us daily.

I truly believe Carolyn has this gift from God and the Holy Spirit.

Sincerely grateful,
Sue McGuinness
— Sue McGuinness, Kenosha, WI
I heard about Carolyn through some girls at my work. It was like a ripple effect. One of my co-workers had a mind blowing experience and next thing you know everyone wanted to experience the miracles of Carolyn’s unbelievably accurate readings. So, I decided to do a reading. It was such a beautiful experience. So many of my loved ones came through with evidence and great detail that no one could possibly know but me and my loved ones. I literally couldn’t believe what I was experiencing. There were even memories that were shared. It was like a big family reunion. Carolyn is so calm and comforting during these readings. It was a blast! Tears, laughter, and beautiful messages my loved ones wanted to share with me on my life’s journey. Even on T.V. I’ve never seen a medium bring through as much details as Carolyn. That just shows how strong her connection is with the spirit world. Love her.
— Kelly Ann Ferro, Kenosha, WI

Carolyn was first contacted by a close family friend, Amber, on 11/16/2016 through her website, asking for her help in the case of our missing son, Jordan White. At this point, he had been missing for eight days. We were desperate, and Amber had heard about Carolyn and her gift, and accuracy through another person in the Milwaukee area.

At first, Carolyn was reluctant to take the case on, due to her busy week, but while writing a response to Amber, began getting information psychically about what had happened, and felt the need to reach back and tell Amber what she was seeing.

She called Amber, and told her to grab a pen and sheet of paper, and write down what she said. When Carolyn and Amber spoke, there was some key information that was given to determine where Jordan had disappeared too. Carolyn had mentioned that Jordan smoked a lot of pot, and dealt it at one point. She said that he likes hip-hop, skateboards, drawing graffiti, is an artist, graduated from high school 5 years ago, but came across as younger than he was. That he lived with mom who liked to dance with him, and took care of grandma, but had no job. She spoke of other family as well, which was all true.

From the way that Jordan looked, to what he was wearing, to the argument he had with a family member before leaving the house, everything was spot on. She said that he had left the house to do an exchange for a drug. She said that the drug looked like pot, was made like meth, and acted like heroin. She mentioned a baggy with this substance in his right front pocket at one point during his journey. She spoke of where he was headed to do the exchange, and described a road and area that he wondered into off of the road, which sounded familiar to us. There was an open field with tall grass (wheat colored), with a tree line, and river behind it. There was a bridge to his right, of which she described in detail, and told us to search under the bridge. She described the area in detail. So, we searched where she said she felt he went. At this point, she told us that we need to continue to search for him as though he’s alive, because even if she gets a ton of information from him as though he has crossed over, one should never rule a person dead until they are found to be just that.

The dogs picked up his scent near the bridge she spoke of, but Jordan was not there. On 12/14/2016 Amber reached back out to Carolyn, as the police and all of us had run into dead ends, and felt as though we were now searching for a body.

Once again Carolyn agreed to speak with Amber. This time, she was getting concerning information regarding other people involved. She described a house that he had stopped at, and what it looked like, where he collected a baggy with this drug in it, and described the person he had met with. According to police, he never made it there. She also mentioned a couple who had his bike, and the apartment they dwell in, and what they looked like. Her description of them matched what we already knew to be true.

Once again, she saw a river, with a bridge to the right (and described the bridge), and a place with waste to the left. She said that there was a river running to the waste area, but no garbage. She saw cement cylinders, and bins filled with chemicals to break down waste. She asked Jordan in Spirit if this was a dump, and he said “no… waste.” She was shown his body near this area. She was shown the number 14 on a sign nailed to a tree near a walking path in the woods. When Amber looked up what that number was on the map, it came up as the waste water treatment plant. It was a huge breakthrough.

At this point we were being led in one direction by authorities, and another by Carolyn. The authorities wouldn’t listen about the water treatment plant, and Carolyn insisted that he was near there by the river.

Amber asked Carolyn to meet with Jordan’s family. She agreed.

When she met with us on December 15th, this is part of what was said… (we cannot disclose everything, as the case remains open for us until justice is served)

She saw a man come in to help search, with two seemingly trained dogs, who hustled us, because they in fact were not trained. She described what the dogs looked like. She saw where the bike was dumped, and said that it’s not were Jordan left it. She believed that it had been dumped there.

The day Jordan went missing, November 8th 2016, he had a argument with a family member about getting it together to grow-up or move out. Jordan had a phone conversation just before he left home, leaving without his wallet, and warmer clothing. He kept speaking about a silver vape pen, which he may have had on him. He left on his bicycle wearing a cobalt blue t-shirt, black Adidas pants with a white stripe down the sides, and sneakers that were black and white, or two toned. There was emphasis on his shoes, but she didn’t understand why.

Among many other things of which were validated by us, she mentioned that Jordan wanted to move away to California and that his step dad wanted him to join the army, again accurate. She said he calls himself a hipster red neck due to him being more liberal. She spoke in detail about tattoos, items that belonged to him, something that was missing, emails that had been gone through by certain individuals, and what they said. So much information came through, all confirmed.

At one point, Carolyn gave some key information about his whereabouts that is now shocking. An area map of the entire city was laid out on the table in from of Carolyn, at which point she was asked, “Where is Jordan?” She hesitated at first, and then pointed to the water treatment plant, which we had now searched over an over without the police, and she said “You will see his torso approximately half a mile upstream, here. I can’t see his legs, head, or arms. He’s stuck on a branch, like a tree in the river, and is folded in half or bent over.” She put her finger down on the river. She said that we must find his body before the snow falls, or we wont find it until it melts. It snowed many inches later that evening.

The snow melted on 01/01/2017. Jordan was found by his aunt about ¾ of a mile upstream from the water treatment plant. Carolyn had said that he still had on his jewelry, which she described, and he did. When found, only his back was exposed above water with his legs and arms underneath him stuck on a tree that had fallen in the river.

Carolyn gave this information to us on the 15th of December, 2016 when we presented her with a map, two weeks later his body was resumed from that exact location.

I texted Carolyn that day to let her know that he had been found exactly where she had seen him. When she called me, she was deeply sorry for our loss, and expressed her sympathy, and immediately went on to tell me that they were going to rule his death a suicide or accident. But that the medical examiner would only find a tablespoon of water in his lungs, ruling that theory impossible. She described the injuries on his body. When the report came back, everything she said, was once again confirmed.

This case may have been closed, but it’s not over. We hope to take this to the FBI with Carolyn’s help.
— The White Family, Janesville, WI
The highest recommendations for Carolyn Clapper. When my father passed a few years ago, I was left with unanswered questions and pain in my heart. In addition, I desperately needed guidance from him in making some really difficult decisions involving other family members. Carolyn was able to bridge the divide and allow me to begin the healing process and soothe my aching heart. Not only did I obtain advice from my father as to how best to handle a heart breaking family dilemma, I also received insight into some challenging health issues I’d been experiencing. To my surprise, other loved ones came through with sentiments of love and concern. She was able to provide their names and even their favorite cologne. Her messages were delivered with such love and compassion that there was no doubt that they were guided by Spirit. I have recommended her to everyone I know! I cannot speak highly enough of the good she does with her gift!
— Sheri Martin, Las Vegas, Nevada
Thankful that I met Carolyn Clapper. She relieved the hurt in my heart. She approached me out of nowhere while helping me search for a bra at VS. After checking on me like 3 times, she finally asked me if she could tell me something, and said not to be scared but my granddad was standing next to me, and she descibed what he was wearing and told me that he’d been watching over me and said that my mom and grandma was here too, and my baby. I was so in shock! I’ve been hurting for quite some time and was very blessed for her to come in my life. She said some things that no-one even knew. She didn’t even know me and who I was! I love her <3 and thank Carolyn
— Tulisia Pittman, Milwaukee, Wi
I am going to begin by saying, if you are reading these testimonials then you already believe. You are just searching for the real deal. Then heed these three words… LOOK NO FURTHER!

I was already a believer when I booked my reading with Carolyn, but I had zero expectation for what would come of this reading. In a matter of seconds Carolyn had my father coming through whom I lost at the age of 10. I could spend a day telling you about how she hit on certain topics and memories that nobody else could ever know. My father sees I am now a grandpa and he expressed how concerned he is about my health and wellbeing. She went through my body with precision and I was told specific things that only I could understand. She was even told about an issue I had that was then verified the next day at my Dr’s. visit. Waking up every day after my reading and knowing that my loved ones that passed have not missed a thing in my life and are always looking out for me is a feeling that only you can understand once you have been read.

I sat with Carolyn for a private 1 hour sitting that turned into a 3 glorious hours with my father who I miss more than anyone else in this or any other world and have not seen for 48 years. All the personal stories for each individual that Carolyn read for or sat with are beautiful without a doubt, but I want to tell you that any reading or amount of money you spend will be more than you ever expected.

Carolyn is the utmost truest form of kindness, understanding and compassion I have had the pleasure to know. I could never have believed that the person reading me would be so compassionate and care so much about me. The fact that she allowed my father and me 2 extra hours of her time because in her heart she knew I needed it is irreplaceable and speaks volumes about the person she is.

Carolyn as a medium…. Let’s just say we are blessed to be able to enjoy her gift.
Carolyn as a person… You will not find anyone better.
— John Breiling, Kenosha, WI
My daughters and I have seen Carolyn twice for a reading. Not only was she very caring and thoughtful, but very accurate and informative as well. She has made a believer out of me. She knew things no one could have known about my family, late ex-husband and parents. Her gift is truly that. Our sessions were comforting and reassuring! It was all very positive and brought comfort to my kids who lost their dad. That alone is priceless.
Carolyn goes above and beyond to help, she has a very genuine compassion and kindness about her. I have recommended her to many people I know.

— Joan Pulkkila, New Berlin, WI
I met Carolyn over twenty years ago, in high school. We hadn’t, often kept in touch over the years, but she seemed to turn up in my life whenever there was a need for her. I had heard about her abilities as a medium and intuit but had never experienced them first handed wasn’t at all, familiar with how the process worked or how accurate her abilities were.

One year ago, my family suffered an unexpected tragedy. My son’s father committed suicide. His father’s personal belongings quickly began to find their way into our house as many friends and family members had been in possession of his things, and everyone wanted to make sure that my son, his only heir, would have them.

These possessions soon became overwhelming. Not only were they a constant reminder that he was gone, they also added another soul shattering layer to this deep sorrow, by forcing me to wrestle with philosophical questions about life and death. What was left of his life was now lying in a heap on the floor. His possessions, without him there to define them, were almost too much to bear and felt void of meaning. How could this be all thats left of a life?

As Carolyn is such a loving and caring soul, she reached out to me a few days after his passing. I told her about the pile of stuff and how I had no idea how to process it, both physically-as we have little storage, and emotionally. While we were speaking, she stopped and asked my permission to share what was transpiring around her. I agreed and she proceeded to tell me that my son’s father was there and desperately needed to communicate with me.

She began by sharing an inside joke that no one, other than he and I, knew of. He had a witty, ever present sense of humor and it was no surprise that he would begin with this teasing behavior. This instantly provided a level of comfort that I had not been able to find during the past several days. She the started to explain little things that were in his pile of stuff. Most of what she mentioned were of the few things that I had actually had the courage to look at and handle. I was smiling and crying at the same time as she described a photo of him and I that I had pulled out earlier that day and set on the kitchen counter.

After this experience, I was left with a sense of peace, both about his passing and about the pile. I knew he was still here with us. He was still here to provide the definition to his material possessions, which made them meaningful rather than a burden.

I cannot recommend Carolyn’s services enough. Whether you believe in spirit and the afterlife, or not, she will be able to connect you with your loved ones. As time passes, I can’t help but to wonder if her spontaneous reading may have been more for him, than me. It allowed for him to provide us with concrete evidence that he was still with us, and felt like it permitted him to say goodbye. Carolyn’s extraordinary gift allowed him to share one last gift with his family.
— Wedny Drennan, Eliot, Maine

Carolyn is a good friend of mine. I have seen her help other people numerous times, dumbfounding everyone within ear shot Myself included. There’s so many times she’s also helped me. I don’t require as much maintenance in this respect as most people do. Carolyn helped me through a really hard time when my truest friend passed away. While talking to her I had confirmation about how wonderful he is now doing on the other side. She told me things that only we knew. Only things that we shared together. Just one of those confirmations was when I was sitting on his grave crying like a baby I wrote a poem. I never told her that either, he did. I wasn’t shocked because I see her do this all the time. This dearest friend of mine that came through to her was my dog. Seems odd right? Not coming from her. There are so many experiences that she’s had with people. At that time she said she’s only had One other dog come through. It was one of your own, a police officer. Coming through to prove as proof of her abilities. The officer with only three legs. If you’re entertaining these thoughts enough to read these testimonials you have to know you’re being guided in this direction. Listen to your higher self, what on earth could you possibly have to lose? To protect and to serve that’s profound. It is exactly what Carolyn does.
— Victoria Freese, WI

A few days before Christmas 2016 I was blessed to get a reading scheduled with Carolyn. When she began the reading we instantly were connected. She said, “Please dont tell me anything or say anything! Just sit there and what ever comes through isn’t meant for me to understand but for you so bear with me!”

She said your mom is here shes sitting next to you! Feel free to pull out the chair if it makes you comfortable! So I did and laughed! She laughed too and said your mom put her hand on the table and bowed her head saying “thankyou, thankyou” to be funny. To my surprise I instantly knew we were sitting with my, mom because thats exactly what she would have done!

Carolyn told me, “ Your mom is so funny... when she came is she was proper and very mature! Then she said I have to come through as me and how Vivian would remember me.. or shes not going to believe this shit!” And we laughed!

Carolyn told me that my mom came off as a bad-ass.. had a strong personality.. almost came off like she hated men cause she was hurt by so many. But that she was a kind hearted person and everyone could like her. THAT was exactly how my mom was too a T! My mom began showing her me when I was little, and she described details of my childhood. She showed her hands in my womb as my second son was being taken out via C-section! She talked about her sister. Carolyn then asked me if I had a hallmark ornament that was supposed to have a picture in it. That blew my mind! Two Days before this reading I was putting up my christmas tree and I found a hallmark ornament with no picture and decided to put it back in the box! No one knew about this.. irrelevant right?

Well my mom told Carolyn she wanted me to put a picture of Her and my first son Carter in the ornament. She passed away when he was three. She then wanted for me to give it to him when he was older!

At this point I was in so much shock I sat there with excitement waiting to hear more and more! She took me through details of her death, of which she could have never known unless there, confirming everything that I already knew in my heart to be true.

My mom will never get justice, but she assured me that she wasnt living a good life here anyway, and she wasn’t happy, and in heaven she was so happy!

She said its like your mind is in full use and opens up and she can see so much more. She understands so much more! She’s happier there, and at peace. That for me meant everything!

She said she wished she tried harder for her marriage with my dad. She wish she would have settled, because settling is ok. Sometimes you will live a much easier life. Might not be fun all the time but you wont have to go through everything she went through!

She then told Carolyn that my boyfriend of 8 years and I had discussed having a third child but was leaning towards not having one. She said to go ahead and have one! She said she knows that I want a girl, so that we could have the same bond as her and I had. She said Brody my second son will be 3 1/2 when the baby is born!!I was Blown away!

So much came through, the time passed quickly, and the reading came to an end. Carolyn and I hugged and said goodbye.

Fast foward to March 2017, I messaged Carolyn telling her that even tho we decided no more babies.. and were being very careful.. we were 10 weeks along expecting a baby due this Christmas! She was over joyed!

She said she asked my mom “So spill the beans what is the baby?!” And my mom laughed and said that she told us, and that we will have to wait and see!! She was chuckling at how anxious and excited I was!

Carolyn told me she wanted to get baby a gift but wanted my mom to help her pick something out! She wasnt going to tell me what my mom had told her to get our surprise baby. About an hour after carolyn and I had stopped talking she messaged me and asked if the name Lily meant anything to me! I about fell out of my chair! My mother contemplated naming me Lillian or Vivian.. she chose Vivian but still loved Lillian! I told Carolyn that and she was like Oh My God!! We were both super excited and in shock! I told her that i was thinking i would name Her Nova if its a girl! Carolyn said NO WAY!! Your mom told me to get the baby a gift with something to do with the galaxy!!! A plaque with a saying on it with the galaxy in the background. Carolyn thought this sounded like a boy gift... like star wars.

We are expecting a boy this Christmas. A surprise that my mom told me we would be blessed with.
— Vivian Loraine, Union Grove, WI

My daughter, Madeline, went for a short walk on Thursday, May 4th with her dog, Mogi, on Bear Creek trailhead in East Glacier Park Montana. Her car was found on Friday still parked at the trailhead with no Madeline or Mogi to be seen. Search and rescue teams diligently looked for her from Dusk to dawn. I contacted Carolyn on Wednesday, May 10. I was feeling hopeless. I had never been in touch with a clairvoyant before. A friend recommended her. It was day seven and Madeline was still missing. My thought was that it was now a recovery. When I spoke with Carolyn, she started walking me through Madeline’s day one. She continued on and gave me details that I would find out later were exact details of her morning. She described who she was with beforehand, where she had gone for breakfast, even describe the horse post that was just down from where her car was parked. I knew I had contacted the right person when she described that horse post. She proceeded to take me on a journey through the forest and told me about a cabin that Madeline was unable to get to even though she wanted to go there. There is a cabin out there that only the search and rescue team knew where the path was to get up there. You can see it from the trail but once you see it you’ve gone too far. She had me pull up Google maps so that I could follow the route that she was talking about. The journey went through a creek and through a river and up to a lake. It got confusing at the lake she was describing going up a path and then she said no she’s up the other path, no she’s up at third path. Carolyn said she felt Madeline so much at that lake. She then started back down the path and said I’m receiving so many different messages. she said she needed to sit alone quietly something was happening and She couldn’t explain it to me and she wanted to call me back an hour. When I hung up with Carolyn, probably 15 minutes later, Madeline was found. I was in route to the parking lot where Madeline’s car was. When I arrived , they told me that they had just found Madeline.
When we finally saw Madeline, she sat down with a map and showed the pilots of Two Bear Air and the Ranger the trail and journey she went on. She let them pass the cabin over the river to the lake where she spent three evenings during her time at the lake. She had gone up and down three different paths. She headed back down to try to find the first trail she was on. I had chills up and down my arms because Madeline’s path that she had been on that she showed us was the one that Carolyn led me on that morning. Madeleine found the search and rescue team herself. But I feel very confident that Carolyn would have told me exactly where Madeline was when Madeline found their search and rescue team if I would have stayed on the phone with her a few more minutes.
She is gifted.
— Laura Connelly, River Forest, IL
I had a really amazing reading with Carolyn which absolutely blew my mind. Carolyn is really gentle and kind which put me at ease as I was bit nervous to start with. I am an open minded skeptic with a hope that there is an afterlife. Carolyn gave me many specific validations that only my loved ones in spirit could have known. Some things I didn’t even know at the time, but had them verified by my mum afterwards. After the reading, I have really moved towards the belief that we probably don’t die. the details given during the reading were so specific.
— Clare Brown, London, UK
Carolyn helped me tremendously when I experienced the spirit of a friend who passed communicating through me. I’d never had that happen before & was pretty freaked out. She helped me navigate and gave me practical tips to protect myself. I am so grateful for her wisdom, experience, and kindness during that difficult time.
— Joan Raveling, Waukesha, WI
Carolyn is a beautiful person. She is blunt, honest, and practices her gift with integrity. in 2016 she played a roll in helping my friends locate their son. She is an advocate for those missing and their families.
I have also seen her for a personal reading. My reading was an empowering experience and I look forward to working with her again.
— Amber C VanGalder, Milwaukee, WI
What do we want? Clarification, Validation? What do we need most in our human forms? Answers. There are SO many to “claim” that they can help open the door to the other side. To help you with your need for answers. There are only a tiny portion who can actually deliver! So? Who do you pick? Carolyn! if you ever watched the shows that had mediums perform their skills and thought WOW! I WISH, I WISH, I WISH... You better buckle your seatbelt, she will FLOOR you; promise!

Real answers, not a wishy washy random explanation. She lives in both worlds at all times. There is no “side” for her. You WILL see for yourself! Her credentials are outstanding. Trust that proof! She SO amazing, I love her to bits, you will too.

If these are the services you NEED, she can and will help you. Don’t wait anymore milling around wondering. Get your answers. I can’t wait to see your five star review!
— Victoria Freese, Eau Claire, WI
Carolyn is an AMAZING Medium. She did a reading on myself, other family members and so many friends of mine. Each and everyone of us were floored with how spot on she was! I sat in on some of her group readings and can honestly say that she’s the real deal! Luv n thank you so much for having witnessed 1st hand your gift!
— Renee Lang, Kenosha, WI
I had the honor of meeting Carolyn a few months ago and was blown away by her very unique gifts. We chatted very briefly but in that times was able to share things with me about my stepdad who had recently passed as well as help me with some information regarding my own personal health. I would HIGHLY recommend Carolyn to anyone who is seeking comfort with unanswered questions. I personally plan to have a full session with her sometime in the very near future.
— Nicole Alexander, Milwaukee, WI
I want to first start off by thanking you Carolyn, for all you’ve done for me, my children, and my family.
This year beginning in May we lost the greatest man, my father to a heart attack. Three weeks later I lost my beautiful daughter at age 22 to a horrible car accident, and a month after, we also lost my oldest daughter’s father to an aneurism. It’s been obviously a horrific year for us all.

It was hard enough losing my father, but 3 weeks later my daughter Amber Hetland passed away. I was stuck, I felt like I couldn’t go on. I could barely move. However, after I spoke with you it changed EVERYTHING!!!!

My daughter (thru you) was able to tell me her first words in the afterlife. She told me how beautiful it was there. She told me she was able to see a good family friend who hd crossed over (jonah) also my father was also able to tell me that he was sorry he had left so quickly without warning, but it was because he needed to be there to help my daughter cross and how he picked her up (as if she were a sleeping child) and carried her out of the accident.

I already knew this deep inside and Carolyn confirmed this for me. Carolyn also told me that my daughter had told her things only myself and my daughter knew for instance before the car accident I had warned my daughter several times in the upcoming days leading to the accident to be careful to not speed to not brake too hard (the car needed new brakes, which were getting fixed in the next couple days) but thru Caralyn my daughter was able to tell me things thaat I had said to her at the hospital before she was pronounced dead and that she was so sorry. I know my daughter is here with me just as my father and everyone else that have crossed before me and it gives me great comfort . If I never heard the words from my daughter from my father I can honestly say I don’t think I would still be here on earth 🌏 and for that I want to thank you 🙏

You truly have a gift like no other I have ever met.
Thank you Carolyn for all you’ve done but most of all for being you.
— Angie Flores, Racine, WI
Carolyn is a rare gem. Having a light hearted chat with her one day, she interrupted me to tell me that my dad, with whom I had a very close relationship and who had passed away in 2012, was coming through. Always a skeptic, first, I listen carefully, took everything in and thought “wouldn’t it be nice if this were what it seemed. I took Carolyn’s advice, anyway, as she told me it had come from my dad, and about a week later, a succession of seemingly unrelated events led me to look a little further into this situation. A medical exam proved that I indeed had the early onset of glaucoma my dad had told her to warn me about and could not have waited any longer before real damage had occurred. A had a stomach condition that was easily remedied with unlikely advice Carolyn passed on, an urgent dental visit I really didn’t think was necessary proved to be just in time! At the end of all of this, I even recognized a personal message within the message, that related back to my childhood that Carolyn couldn’t have known about but told as part of her message. I realized then that I had not really lost my dad, either, and a great feeling of peace came to me as a conclusion to these events. I am very grateful to Carolyn for giving me my dad back, and for helping me to avoid serious health troubles! Thank you, Carolyn! :)
— Andrew Sherman, Sydney, Australia
I met Carolyn almost two years ago through a client of mine. I have always believed in something more, however, my co-workers were skeptical to say the least. After doing an interview with her, they were floored. I attended her first “show” where it was a room full of people waiting to hear from loved ones, lost ones and so on. Carolyn handled herself with complete professionalism and grace, although she was overwhelmed by the multiple spirits trying to breakthrough. Not thinking anything of it and wanting to just see how the reaction of her, as well as the crowd, she approached me and relayed messages from my former fiance and left me beside myself. Never in this world would I have thought I would have gotten closure after his sudden passing. Carolyn was able to provide that closure, and since that point has become one of my dearest friends. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for someone that is the real deal!
— Mysti Haager, Lake Geneva, WI
Carolyn has an amazing gift. She met with my sister and me on short notice after the recent passing of our mother. She knew things that I had not spoken to ANYONE about. She gave me a sense of peace knowing that my mom is watching over us and our families. Carolyn is extremely professional and very caring. She is an exceptional person that I am so glad I was able to connect with. I would highly recommend Carolyn to anyone trying to obtain some peace and answers. You will not be disappointed. I was not. Thank you Carolyn for easing my mind and giving me that chance to hear from my beloved mother. I greatly appreciate you!
— Cindy Kowalsky, Racine, WI
I’ve always been spiritual and like to keep an open mind. So, I have had experience with my fair share of mediums. Carolyn is by far the most gifted person I have ever met. I was able to connect with loved ones (which could not be done by the other mediums), and finally received the closure I’ve been waiting for. I can honestly say she has changed my life because I was able to talk with my loved ones, and the closure that was well overdue. Carolyn is not only gifted, but very professional. I trust her 100%, and this will not be the last time I meet with her. If anyone out there needs answers, guidance, or just to connect, Carolyn can and will help you. My session was worth every penny. If you’re ready for your questions to be answered please contact her!
I know I have thanked you a million times already, but again thank you Carolyn! You are a sweetheart!
— Jillian Willette, Milwaukee, WI
The details Carolyn came through with in my reading were amazing. So many very personal things no one could know about other than myself and the person “on the other side” communicating through her. Also, descriptions and information about current situations was so impressive. I’m truly in awe not only by the gift she has, but her intent to help others and her spirituality. And such a lovely person...
— Marina Anderson, Los Angeles, CA
It’s nearly a week later and I cannot stop thinking about the reading I had from Carolyn. I have had many readings since the passing of my 19 yr old son 17 years ago, there is none that compare (even John Edward). Carolyn states that spirit is totally truthful, it takes time for her to decipher what they are saying. Carolyn’s energy is calming and reassuring that yes, your loved one(s) are with you all the time. Thank you Carolyn, I will one day have another reading from you and will spread your name for all those you seek comfort to know their loved are only a thought away~
— Sandra Thomma, Escanaba, MI
it’s been 2 years since I met with her,, I have to say it was an amazing experience,, I still to this day think about what she said,, but mostly the things I doubted cause was not something I would normally know, so far she has been right,, closure to everything that transpired the last 4 years is happening as she said it would
— Nyk Lee Fritz, Waukegan, IL
Carolyn has blown my mind with her accuracy in readings with details only I knew. From locating a missing person and giving details about surroundings where he was found to a tragic childhood loss by car accident where she went into detail about how he died and even the last conversation I had with my friend. My father has come through many times with messages and even his engine # when he was a fireman. She also has given some spot on medical information. She is the real deal and I would recommend her to anyone.
— Steffany Kaminski, Milwaukee, WI
So many people are stuck in the sadness of losing a loved one...if you are one of those people or you know someone who needs validation that there is more to this life after we die...Carolyn could be the key to helping you find that peace your heart and soul needs. I have always known that there are gifted humans who have these very special abilities. I can honestly say, without a doubt, that Carolyn is/has been given this very special gift and her only desire is to help others and give them some peace. God Bless you honey and all who come to you for answers <3 xo
— Brenda Mroch, Racine, WI
The first time I met Carolyn was through a friend.She was going to take a look at my home some strange things were happening. Over the past year my home is just that my home it is a big hug and warm and inviting. When she visited me, I had been in sorrow for years after the passing of my parents. This was not the reason we were meeting...But Carolyn brought to light what I had been going through. I was able to be at peace with the deaths of my parents for the first time. I am now a different and better person after having her in my life. I will be giving readings as Christmas presents...What could be better than that!!!
— Pamela Deskins, Racine, WI
I may only be her son, but I’ve seen first hand what a reading is like with this extraordinary woman. She has helped me become more open minded to change and New possibilitys. If she had never got the gift she had, and shared it with the world, I would have never seen the magical ways of the next world. My five star is not just because she is my mother, but because she is truely amazing at what she does, and has a truely pure and loving soul.
— Leif Bazan, Wauwatosa, WI
I’ve had the opportunity to have readings with many amazing mediums, some of the best in the world in fact, including several celebrity mediums. As far as accuracy goes, Carolyn ranks right at the top with every medium I’ve known. We were scheduled for a one-hour reading. The information was comingin so fast and furious, the reading went nearly two hours. Carolyn was specific with details about my daughter’s personality, her physical appearance and a number of other “big hits”. But, it’s the little things that impress. She knew details about my father-in-law. My daughter had a friend who passed six months after she did. Carolyn described this girl, including her cause of death. She knew her age, that she had died of cancer (rare for a 17 year old). She saw her wearing a jersey (they played volleyball together). She got the first initial of her name. She mentioned something shared in their honor, a plaque on the wall. The volleyball team has put up a memorial dedicated to those two girls and one other who was on the team. My wife had ridden in a 100 km bike race. Carolyn asked about someone doing a 100 mile marathon. She knew about the purple bracelets the volleyball team made in her honor. She got the color of my daughter’s AAU Volleyball team. She knew about getting a shot right before her passing. I had to give her injections every other week. She had one two days before her passing. She knew the symptoms of her heart condition- fluttering heart, light headedness. Carolyn told me thoughts my wife had at the hospital. These are not thoughts that were shared with anyone, including me. I had to verify them with my wife later and I’ve never made them public, even to this day. She asked about Pink from Victoria’s Secret. This is a perfume that is in my daughter’s bedroom. I didn’t know it was there. She asked if my wife sprayed it to smell Shayna. I could not confirm at the time. My wife did later. She said Shayna was talking about a ribbon or reward- silver, should begold. This is probably the Girl Scout Silver Award. Shayna had achieved that and was working on her Gold Award, the highest level, when she passed. Shayna took Carolyn to Sedona. She saw red rocks. Said there would be a gathering of children there and a meditation. People who have lost children would be there. This is the crazy thing. We weren’t scheduled to go to Phoenix for another four months. At the time, we didn’t have plans to go to Sedona. As I write this, almost a year later, I recall that we did take a day trip to Sedona with two other parents who lost children. Our driver was a medium who led us in a meditation in which all of our children showed up to us. Carolyn mentioned a tandem bike and lots of people pedaling. This would be the “pedal wagon” we did this summer. Mentioned a “rainbow cake” this means nothing to me. But, I write it down. When my wife gets home and I review my notes with her, I find out she had rainbow cake at work the day before. As we were wrapping up, I mentioned to Carolyn that a friend’s wife had passed suddenly just two days before our reading. Carolyn paused for a few seconds then asked if she had issues with her legs or hip. Asked if she was 63, might have been 58. Cremation. Camping. Issue with leg.Accident prior to dying- not cause of death. None of this means anything to me because I didn’t know my friend’s wife well only having met her once. When I called him to confirm, I found out that she had just had a hip replacement. In fact, her death was a complication from the surgery. She was 58 and he was 63. The accident(s) prior to dying were on the job accidents that bothered her because otherwise she had a clean driving record and they were not her fault. She met my friend at a camp. I’ve found most mediums have about 60-65% accuracy. 80% is phenomenal. Carolyn and one other medium I’ve met seem to consistently be higher than that. And, not only did she deliver evidence. There’s so much more that I can’t fit into this short summary, messages from my loved ones, messages of encouragement, hope, and letting me know they’re still here with me.
— Brian Smith, Cincinnati, OH
You went straight to the most important things, with amazing detail and accuracy, and with useful information. Many things that were known only by me or by loved ones came through. Very helpful, easy and fun. World class in every way.

To say a bit more, my reading was not only accurate but also led me to helpful information. As one instance, she described a box of books, with a black one on top, and a green one inside. I had given the green book to my father, and when I found it, just as described, it turns out to have information very helpful to my present circumstances. It was also mentioned that I had stopped taking a certain supplement, which was true, and that it might be helpful to start it again. A long list of accurate perceptions like this came through, about things small and large, with no prompting from me. Not only did the reading provide good verification, but also helpful information, and it deepened my connection with my parents in a way that feels wonderful. All my life I’ve been around people with psychic gifts, and have seen many with experience in the field, and know that Carolyn is at the very top of the field in terms of her ability. One of the very best anywhere. She is very talented and easy to work with.
— Robert Monroe, Tallahassee, FL
I first met you (and had my first reading from you) years ago at a friends house in a group reading setting. I have to say, I was skeptical but thought, “hey, why not”. I was the first person you ended up talking to. You knew details of my miscarriage that even my closest friends did not know. It was an eye opening and healing 15 minutes or so that we spoke. After that, I couldn’t stop talking to my family about the experience and about a year later my mom, sister, and I had a family reading with you. This lasted hours and you were able to bring thru my grandpa who passed a few years ago. It was like he was there in the room with us! The details you knew could not have been known, googled, or researched prior to. It was an amazing reading and I cannot wait to have another one! Thank you for allowing me to “talk” to my grandpa one last time.
— Tracy Farrar, Milwaukee, WI
I had a few readings with Carolyn. Her accuracy is among the best that I have had. She brought in my son, and spoke about private conversations that he and I had, as well as what was going on in my business and personal life. She spoke about my book that I am writing, and how my son was helping me with it. She mentioned how my daughter would be getting on board ( which I thought was impossible), but now she is opening up to the idea of the survival of consciousness. She brought clarity where there was doubt, and hope where there was despair. I look forward to another reading with her in the future.
— Linda McCarthy, Sedona, AZ
I am equally pleased.my son and I had each other’s heart...and I believe still do now..i also received accurate info that only ‘momma’ knows ..private family stuff..a couple of places my son was within 2 weeks of his passing..where he once lived.. the 2 dogs that he has with him now...etc. ..what a beautiful thing.. My grief is deep 💔..and this is healing for me 🙏💜
— Anita Owens,
Just had a bombshell health medical reading with Carolyn Clapper and her medical diagnosticians in spirit, phenomenal accuracy on everything from the freckles on my arms, assorted moles located and described, blood pressure assessment, cholesterol analysis, dental & gum analysis, vitaminin deficiencies and a recommended Change to a Mediterranean diet, more hydration needed- drink more water, analysis of a past whiplash auto accident side effects calling for chyropractic care.,The reading started off with sprained wrists from a fall when I was 6 years old!!! Wild stuff so detailed and my reading was far less involved than some others she’s given lasting or 2 hours.
. I highly recommend Carolyn’s Medical Readings which are a seperate procedure from an Evidential -Talk-to-your-family- in -spirit reading (like you see John Edward do on tv.)
Im told I’m low on vitamin C, K, D,, I have plaque build up in my chest srea to be checked by a doctor. It’s the type of reading folks that could be pivotal if not life saving when combined with medical follow-up. . I started investigation mediumship 33 years ago when an entranced medium named Hamilton Farmer predicted the results of the Re-election of Ronald Reagan in 1984. He said the result would be 3 more white Presidents and then the first black President would be elected. THAT would be the result. Sooo 24 years later when Obama became President- right on schedule- I had to take a more serious look at the recordings I made spanning 9 years. Most MEMORABLE: I flew to Chicago in 1985 a photographed Farmer reading the local tv talk show host there-?trlling her how successful she would be- It was VERY important that I be there I was told. Why ? Because dear friends it was Oprah before she became “ OPRAH!!!” And that was one of many highlights I encountered as part of a string of synchronicities. The medium described what was about to happen to me thusly;” We in spirit weave a web. This is a part of that web!” While working on my memoir titled “ Psychic Seduction and Synchronicity in Hollywood” I was guided to Carolyn Clapper- she’s off-the-chart gifted !!! She finds missing persons dead and alive , brings thru relatives in spirit with incredible detail, and works with 5 doctors in spirit for medical readings. It’s extraordinary even after researching psychics and psychic researchers all these decades.
— Bob Bastanchury, CA
I’m forever grateful for the series of events that led me to Carolyn. She was key to finding my friend’s daughter just over a year ago. So when my son’s friend went missing 3 weeks ago, I felt guided to reach out to her. I left a message saying I was looking for help for my son’s friend - no names, locations or any details other than my phone number. She called back early the next morning to say she was booked but wanted to figure something out as this was time-sensitive. Before I could get my calendar open, she asked if I had a pen and paper and started to channel information that spirit was guiding her to share. I’m an intuitive coach and healer, so I get how this works. But was completely bowled over by how accurate Carolyn was about my son’s friend - from describing him physically, what he likes to do and his state of mind. There were details that I didn’t know but his mother confirmed. Thanks to this incredibly accurate reading, I was able to share with his mother who followed up directly with Carolyn and received information that gave her much needed peace of mind. Fortunately, he was found safe a few days ago. I’m very picky about who I choose to work with and can highly recommend Carolyn to anyone seeking help with a missing loved one or needing information that might be hidden from your conscious mind. Thank you Carolyn and your fabulous guides!
— Alicia Isaccs Howes, Chicago, IL
The information you gave me from my father about his drinking when I was small and unaware was confirmed by my mother 60 years after it happened. Your description of me as a toddler visiting my great grandmother and her life as a bakery owner during the depression were confirmed by my 95 year old mother Wild. Details of my fathers upbringing on the worlds largest citrus ranch in Fullerton were profoundly accurate, as was the ripple effect his Basque upbringing had on me- so insightful it was profound.
— Bob Bastanchury, CA
Testimonial for Carolyn Clapper, Next World Medium by Robert Monroe

I’ve been around gifted people all my life, including my uncle Bob Monroe, a noted author and founder of the Monroe Institute. Even among those with psychic gifts, Carolyn Clapper stands out for the accuracy, precision and helpfulness of her readings. If you are dealing with a health issue, or want to commune with loved ones who have passed, I highly recommend her as a first stop.
I’d like to emphasize the usefulness of Carolyn’s readings. If you are working with a health issue, how much difference does it make to know the root causes? A lot, I would say. Many people are only treating symptoms. But knowing the cause can lead to a cure. With no prior information from me, Carolyn’s reading took me to the underlying issues. What we were shown was not at variance with what my doctors were saying, but was more precise and fundamental. I’d had problems with my legs and back. The reading focused more specifically on a question of how to replenish the cartilage between some of the lumbar discs. This led me to helpful supplements. For anyone dealing with something similar, it can help to take formulations that combine MSM, glucosamine, chondroitin and, importantly, hyaluronic acid. This combination can also help pets.
What Carolyn provided on this issue was verified by an MRI, but, again, her reading pinpointed root causes and this pointed me towards effective remedies. Using this supplementation, along with yoga and spiritual and energy and work, has helped this condition substantially. Out of all the possible maladies in the world, she went directly to the problem and showed its underlying causes.
I also have had problems with my ears, which were exacerbated by an unusually long-lasting virus that had effects. In this reading, we were led to consider something that hadn’t occurred to me. It was revealed that part of the problem might stem from dental fillings, from years ago, that were creating a toxic environment that affected the inner ear. This was something I hadn’t thought of, and is very useful information. Both she and I were surprised by this, and it took a few minutes for both of us to understand why the reading was taking us there. But this was further evidence that the information was coming not so much from her consciousness as from the sources she is able to communicate with, who have more comprehensive knowledge. At one point she was given the Latin name for the condition, something she didn’t consciously know.
When she is tuned in, Carolyn can describe something with great detail, specifying a great many details about what is being seen. This is sometimes referred to as “a figure of note,” in the sense that this is not a vague vision, but something seen so clearly that a great many parameters are accurately described.
Such accuracy is unusual and impressive. But what I’d like to reiterate is the usefulness and helpfulness of the information provided. At one point, the reading suggested I look in a box of books, with a black one on top, to find a green one farther down. This was accurately described, and, very helpfully, the green book turned out to have some information that was useful to my situation. It was also suggested that I start taking again a supplement I had been taking but had stopped. Only I knew I had taken this and then stopped.
There were many instances in which the reading referred to things only I knew, or that were known only by a departed loved one and myself. One concerned an unusual diploma, which, as was accurately described, I had taken down from the wall. This was mentioned when my mother came through. Later, I had an inkling to look in a box in the basement, and found there a diploma of hers, and this had a timely message for me in terms of what to focus on now.
In the readings, the presence of my father, mother and uncle was verified by the many details they supplied. It was quite wonderful to have this sort of communication with them, and deepened my understanding of their love for me. It is quite encouraging and reassuring, especially during difficult times, to know that we are still connected and that they are watching over me.
While many people can get psychic intuitions, Carolyn Clapper is unusual in the detail, accuracy and helpfulness of her readings. Where health matters are concerned, it can save time, money and effort if one can get to the root causes. I found that Carolyn was able to get to the fundamental issues, providing me with more detailed information than I had gotten from other sources. Her approach is compatible with conventional medicine, alternative or supplementary approaches, lifestyle changes, or whatever modality is likely to help. The information she provides can identify the problem and help you to focus on approaches that can actually provide solutions.
The process also seemed to heighten my own perceptual abilities, so that I feel I am in stronger communication with those who have left the physical. Many amazing synchronicities have occurred, and I’ve gotten surprisingly direct and literally written out messages from those who have passed, and I welcome these meaningful signs that seem to waft into my life. So much so that I’m thinking of writing a book that documents these reassuring synchronicities and signs and messages.
I highly recommend Carolyn’s readings. If you have a reading, trust her process even if there are moments when it seems a bit unusual. She is tuned in very strongly and can take you to very helpful information and to some beautiful places. I’ve had three readings, and they build on each other, going deeper each time. Carolyn is a very valuable link between this world and other dimensions, and the more we strengthen that connection the more informed, happy and better we will all be. Carolyn was very helpful to me at a difficult time. She is truly a connection to the light.
— Robert Monroe, Tallahassee, Fl
I received a reading from Carolyn Clapper 4 months after my father passed. I consider it one of the most intimate, profound and beautiful experiences of my life.
What is remarkable about Carolyn is the accuracy and specificity of the information she gives. I am not left with interpretation, wishful thinking or doubt. Every single thing she told me was exact. Half of it was information I did not know about which I was later able to confirm with my family.
Besides her accuracy I experienced a true, clear, and kind presence… a sincerity and devotion to this work and a compassionate understanding for this human experience, as well as the capacity to hold grief and confusion in a loving space.
This is healing work and I cannot recommend her enough (I actually do to all my friends). If you are someone that is going through a challenging time, suffering from the death of a loved one and longing for communication, confused about who you are or about life, feeling disconnected or lost, this is the first place I would encourage you to seek support from.
I’m not one to write testimonials and I do so with Carolyn Clapper because she is a true vehicle for deep understanding, connection and freedom from suffering.
— Jasmine Hawken, Ojai, CA